Al Kuhaimi Advanced Electronics Systems (KAES) is recognized as one of the leading integrators in the field of low-current systems specializing in security & safety systems, communications systems, and audio-visual systems. This reputation is built on the premise of providing solutions centered on quality technical design and taking into consideration its cost effectiveness. Our hands-on approach ensures that products and services offered to our clients adhere to the prescribed goals and satisfies their expectations.

KAES maintains that our clients should receive a significant return on their investments by providing a range of specialized products and services that complement today’s high-tech innovations and that the quality of these products and services provided should benefit the client in the long term.

KAES is well positioned as a leading distributor and integrator of security, safety & audio-visual products, our partners and suppliers keep us abreast with the latest in technology development and skills enhancement.

Our activities include:


KAES, as an established systems integrator, has accumulated many years of experience in engineering and designing Security and Safety Systems for large installations, such as hospitals, educational facilities, airports, manufacturing units, shopping centers and government entities.

We provide proficient solutions, from conceptual design, high-end technology applications to system programming and installation. A steadfast after-sales service and dependable maintenance support augment the trust and confidence our clients share with us.


As one of the forerunners in audiovisual systems design and integration, we provide solutions using the latest technologies available serving the corporate and public sector. We employ our extensive knowledge of audiovisual technology, distributed AV streaming and video/audio conferencing ensuring our customers the satisfaction they expect in meeting their requirements- merging functionality with exceptional ease of use.


We bring you the most efficient and cost-effective communication systems that are at par with today’s technologies. We have the experience and expertise in the design, installation and maintenance of the most complex communication systems. We select the appropriate communication equipment or design bespoke solutions tailored to your specific requirements.

Our Vision


In recent years, we have witnessed a significant rise in the number of security breaches and threats which have compounded the need for a more reliable, more stable and definitely smarter technology to combat the ever increasing menace on security. IP-infused technologies most notably in the field of security, safety and communications have greatly strengthened the fortification of facilities and resources. The expertise of Al Kuhaimi Advanced Electronics Systems enable us deliver these technologies in a simple yet reliable approach.

KAES has established itself as a front-runner in Security-Safety, Audio-Visual and Communication Systems design and integration in Saudi Arabia. Among others, our projects at government and public sectors, and as a Security-Safety, Audio-Visual and Communication System providers of the major oil exploration companies in the Middle East, these projects are testimonies to the trust and confidence our clients have bestowed upon us.

As a team, our success is based upon:

  • Extensive expertise in the design, installation, and integration of cutting edge, enterprise-wide systems and advanced technologies;
  • Successful application of professional project/program management best practices that ensure on-time and within budget outcomes;
  • Key teaming relationships with leading International defense and Security Contractors.
  • Size and Flexibility: We are large enough to handle all of our Client’s requirements, agile enough to be responsive to our Client’s needs.

Our Process


The core principle of a security design must remain intact and untarnished. These include maintaining a reliable information transfer foundation, identifying the risks and potential threats, security assessment and management. It is also important to note that designing highly resilient data transmission architecture in a security infrastructure is critical to mitigate any would-be incursions.

The threats we are seeing today are radically different from what existed a few years ago. They are adapting and evolving and is more difficult to identify, predict and anticipate. To confront these transformations, deploying a long-term security solution that has the flexibility and scalability is imperative in order to adapt to this ever-evolving threat environment.


Identifying and Understanding the Client’s Needs

As a system solution provider, it is crucial that we comprehend what prompted the client to look for solutions. We need to gain insights at their concerns and understand that, at times, clients may not be able to fully describe their concerns. Our method is to analyze and interpret these insights and transform them into perspectives and patterns that clients can recognize and appreciate. We always elect to stay one step ahead of the client’s needs by thinking proactively and realizing that the foundation of the solutions we provide should be built on the information and insights that our clients provide. The different characteristics of the consorted information namely geographic, demographic, economic and political will influence the different elements of the solution. Considering the high profile aspect of the area, The Stadiums are the goldmine of prime targets for infiltrators and terrorists. As such, an intricate security infrastructure must be implemented which sole aim is to assess, anticipate and thwart any possible terrorist act.


Security assessment and requirement vary different ways and therefore, there is no single approach to security that will work ideally for all facilities. From year to year, the security strategy of any vital installation will need revision because the world around it and the people inside it will always be changing. Any security strategy must incorporate the constraints of the facility so that all strengths, weaknesses, and idiosyncrasies are realized and provided for. How risks are approached will largely be driven by facility constraints.


The type of risks, whether it’s a terrorist acts or assassination or even petty crimes like vandalism, will play an important role in determining the optimal security measures. Once risks are identified, the next step is to determine the likelihood that the potential vulnerability can be exploited. Several factors need to be considered when determining this likelihood. First, the security manager needs to consider the source of the threat, the motivation behind the threat, and the capability of the source. Next, he needs to determine the nature of the vulnerability and, finally, the existence and effectiveness of current controls to deter or mitigate the vulnerability. The likelihood that a potential vulnerability could be exploited can be described in varying levels.


Another important concern is establishing the impact of such risk. It is important for security managers to understand that not all threats will have the same impact. This is because each system in the organization most likely will have a different value. For instance, to evaluate the value of a target, security managers should identify the importance performed by the individual or the institution, the target’s importance to an organization, and the political bearing of such target. In a manner of speaking, a system that handles the company’s payroll will have more value than the system that is used to keep the lunchroom menu database.



One of our defining strengths is our impeccable record of after-sales support. We measure our success in our business by the number of returning customers. A team of knowledgeable technical sales team is available to answer your specialized commercial and technical questions. This team has the backup of highly skilled designers and engineers. A special plus point: all the important core competencies for product knowledge and development are available in-house.

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